Corporate governance

Corporate governance describes how Accountant in Bankruptcy is managed as an organisation and how its activities are monitored and controlled.

As a public body, AiB adheres to three basic governance principles:

  • Accountability - AiB is accountable for the decisions and actions of its staff and report on this activity to allow public scrutinity
  • Integrity - AiB has to be honest and objective in its activities
  • Openness - AiB practices openness to ensure that stakeholders can have confidence in its decision making

To reflect the Agency's commitment to openness and transparency, offers of gifts and hospitality are published and updated annually.  We also maintain and publish a register of interests which sets out any relevant interests held by members of the Agency's top level committees.

In this section the membership, minutes and agendas are included for AiB's Advisory Board, Fraser Figure, and Audit Committee meetings.