Our purpose

Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government. The Agency operates independently and impartially whilst remaining directly accountable to Scottish Ministers.

AiB's key functions in full:

Supporting Ministers to develop and refine policy by:

Supervising the bankruptcy process by:

  • supervising the regulation of the bankruptcy process including the performance of trustees and commissioners in the exercise of their statutory duty
  • regulating and supervising the registration and administration of Trust Deeds (PTDs), including the performance of trustees
  • investigating and applying for Bankruptcy Restriction Orders or agreeing Bankruptcy Restriction Undertakings (BRO/BRU)
  • maintaining a public Register of Insolvencies (ROI), which records bankruptcies awarded by the Scottish courts or by the Agency
  • maintaining a record of PTDs, BROs and BRUs as well as company insolvencies on the ROI
  • registering company insolvency documents required to be filed by receivers and liquidators in terms of the Insolvency Act 1986
  • maintaining the DAS register

Delivering, with stakeholders, a range of options for individuals seeking debt relief and debt management by:

  • determining debtor applications for bankruptcy
  • acting as trustee in all bankruptcies awarded by the Agency, where The Accountant does not appoint a named person to be the trustee
  • acting as trustee in all bankruptcies awarded by the Sheriff courts, where a Sheriff does not appoint a named person to be trustee
  • acting as interim trustee before the award of bankruptcy except in those cases where an alternative interim trustee is appointed when nominated by the petitioning creditor
  • acting as trustee as appointed by the Sheriff on the resignation or death of the original trustee where no new trustee is elected
  • undertaking the functions of the commissioners in bankruptcies where none are elected by creditors
  • approving Debt Payment Programmes (DPPs) and approving money advisors

Achieving best value services to customers by:

  • reducing the requirement for public funding
  • embedding efficient systems and processes

The Accountant also employs private insolvency practitioners to act as his agents.

Full details of our Statutory Functions are available.

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