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Common Financial Tool (CFT) Working Group minutes

The Scottish Common Financial Tool Working Group was created to identify or develop one Common Financial Tool (CFT) to be used throughout Scotland, no matter which statutory debt relief or debt management option is entered by an individual.

The CFT supports a service that will:

  • ensure that the people of Scotland will have access to fair and just processes of debt relief and debt management

  • develop consistent processes to ensure that those who can pay their debts do pay

  • ensure that the rights, needs and responsibilities of those in debt are balanced with the needs of creditors and businesses

  • ensure that those who administer our products do so in accordance with best practice

  • determine the most appropriate solution by the individual’s ability to pay

​All other information on this can be found in the

Common Financial Tool (CFT) - guidance, legislation and analysis section

Minutes of Common Financial Tool Working Group meetings can be found here:

23 February 2023 Minutes of meeting
17 February 2022 Minutes of meeting
13 January 2021 Minutes of meeting