Diligence Working Group

Role of the Group

The Diligence Working Group will:

  • help consider how diligence measures could be improved
  • act as a discussion forum, to ensure that all members' suggestions and views on the future of diligence are considered
  • help develop recommendations to Ministers


The key objectives of the Diligence Working Group are to:

  • consider how disclosure of information could operate in Scotland
  • provide recommendations to Ministers for a detailed regulatory framework that could be taken forward through secondary legislation, allowing implementation of the disclosure of information
  • where appropriate, finalise proposals for other diligence measures, such as land attachment and residual attachment


The Diligence Working Group will be chaired by policy colleagues from the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB). The membership will be comprised as follows:

Carol Kirk

Policy Review Team Leader, AiB, Chair

Laura Sneddon

Policy Development Manager, AiB Secretariat

Joanne Christie

Policy Development Manager, AiB

Stephen Nicolson

Legal Secondee, Harper Macleod

David Menzies

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

Alex Irvine

Society of Messenger-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers

Kevin McKay

Society of Messenger-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers

Barbara Bell

Clydesdale Bank, The Committee of Scottish Bankers

Nicola Anderson

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

David Smith

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

Andy Douglas

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

Serena Weir

Shepherd & Wedderburn LLP

Pauline Allan

Citizens Advice Scotland

Sharon Bell

StepChange Debt Charity

Professor Nicholas Grier

The Law Society of Scotland

Yvonne MacDermid

Money Advice Scotland

Final group report

Diligence Working group final report

Relevant documents

Terms of Reference

Diligence Working Group - Terms of Reference

Group Minutes

Meeting 1 - 22 August 2018 - Minutes

Meeting 2 - 9 November 2018 - Minutes

Meeting 3 - 5 February 2019 - Minutes

Meeting 4 - 24 April 2019 - Minutes

Meeting 5 - 10 June 2019 - Minutes