Statistics & data

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For information on future statistical release dates, visit the forthcoming publication sections on the Scottish Government website which outlines both official and national statistics publication release dates within a twelve-month calendar.  

Statistical publications:

 Annual Report and Accounts 
  • Contain a summary of the work carried out by and on behalf of The Accountant in Bankruptcy including commentary and items of topical interest.

 Scottish Statutory Debt Solutions Statistics:

 Annual edition
 Quarterly edition
 Monthly edition

  • Contain the latest quarterly and annual official (experimental) statistics on statutory debt solutions, statutory moratoriums on diligence, and corporate insolvencies in Scotland. Includes statistical reporting of trends and changes during that period and a brief commentary.
 Scottish Diligence statistics
  • Contains the latest annual official statistics on diligences and Charge for Payment based on information submitted by officers of court.  Diligence is the term for various processes of civil enforcement in Scottish law. Breakdown by sheriffdom and commentary provided.
 Ad-hoc statistics and Experimental statistics
  • Ad-hoc statistics and experimental statistics, which are not part of our regular official statistics releases. The findings from these ad-hoc analyses may have been used in briefings, consultations or press and ministerial statements.

    Experimental statistics are a type of official statistics that are undergoing development.

 Debt Solutions by Local Authority
  • Statutory debt solutions in Scotland at the local authority area level

 Bankruptcy Restriction  Orders and Undertakings

  • Recorded data of all Bankruptcy Restriction Orders and Undertakings administered by The Accountant in Bankruptcy.
 Statements on Expenditure
  • Statements on expenditure and breakdown of types of expenditure. Quarterly data published by Accountant in Bankruptcy as required under the Public Services Reform Act 2010.

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