Corporate Insolvency

Accountant in Bankruptcy operates on behalf of the Scottish Government which is responsible for devolved elements of corporate insolvency.

Devolved Elements

AiB develops policy for certain aspects of corporate insolvency and is responsible for receiving and recording information on liquidations and receiverships of Scottish businesses, held in the Register of Insolvencies.

AiB's responsibilities include;

  • the development of policy specific to our administrative duties for liquidation,
  • the development of policy on receivership, and
  • the managment and maintenance of the Register of Insolvencies.

The Register contains details of liquidation and receivership of Scottish businesses which are wound up by either a Sheriff Court or the Court of Session, depending on circumstances.

These Courts have jurisdiction to wind up limited companies registered in Scotland and unregistered companies with a principle place of business in Scotland.

AiB can only give advice in relation to devolved matters.

Reserved elements

The reserved elements remain the responsibility of the UK Government and are dealt with by the Insolvency Service, which is part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Stretegy.

Reserved elements include:

  • Company voluntary arrangements
  • Administration
  • Legal effects of liquidation
  • Regulation of insolvency practitioners

Information on reserved elements are available on the Insolvency Service website.

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