Owed money (Creditors)

Are you owed money by someone? Are you trying to recoup the money owed to you?

This section of the website is for you if:

  • You are owed money by someone (the debtor)
  • you want to know how each product works from a creditor perspecitve
  • You are interested in dilligence options



Information regarding your ability to impose diligence on a debtor. There are certain times where this will not be appropriate, such as a period of Moratorium.



Debt Arrangement Scheme

 Scottish Government backed debt management schele designed to help debtors pay off all of their debts over a longer period of time .  Creditors receive regular payments throughout. All interest, fees and other charges frozen and then written off on the completion of the agreed debt payment programme.



Trust deed

A formal insolvency procedure, meaning a debtor cannot pay back their debts as they are due. A trust deed is administered by a trustee. It is an arrangement for debtors to pay back some of what they owe over a set timescale (usually four years).




Another formal insolvency procedure which means a debtor cannot pay back their debts as they are due. A debtor can apply for their own bankruptcy, or a creditor has the right to take steps to apply for a debtor's bankruptcy if certain criteria is met. This section contains more information to help you make an informed decision when considering applying for a debtor's bankruptcy.