As a significant employer in the local area, AiB seeks to boost community links by regular participation to raise the profile of the Agency and enhance its value as part of the local community.

Work Experience

AiB is a keen participant in the Work Experience programme, which is open to approximately 40 schools in the local area. Run in conjunction with Careers Scotland, this programme co-ordinates work placement for pupils from local schools and has resulted in a large volume of pupils experiencing a variety of office-based work within the Agency since 2005.

Job Fairs

The Agency is represented at an annual local college jobs fair to introduce the Agency and its work to potential local recruits.


AiB actively encourages and promotes volunteering in the local area to its staff. There is a wide variety of worthwhile volunteering opportunities in the areas surrounding the office. Staff are entitled to one day paid special leave per year to participate in volunteering activities.

Other examples of Community Activities

To mark the 1st anniversary of the Agency's move to the Ayrshire area, pupils from local primary schools were invited to participate in an environmental themed art competition. The winning entries were professionally produced and placed on the wall of the office canteen area.

The Agency has been working in partnership with the North Ayrshire Ranger Service to begin to implement the objectives of the AiB Biodiversity Action Plan. The rangers visited the office to facilitate a workshop to build bird and bat boxes and to offer advice on how to encourage local wildife within the office grounds.

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