AiB are committed to reducing the negative impact their activities have on the environment. To support this commitment, information and initiatives have been produced and implemented including:

  • The Environmental Policy Statement which details the aims set by AiB to aims to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • The Environmental Management Information document detailing environmental roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, environmental initiatives and monitoring arrangements
  • The AiB Travel Plan has been produced with the aim of promoting and encouraging the use of sustainable methods of transport whilst travelling to and from the office
  • A Biodiversity Action Plan produced by the Business Environment Partnership to encourage and conserve local wildlife
  • AiB Working Environment Group formed voluntarily by staff members who have a genuine interest in the environment and who together actively seek ways to help protect the environment
  • The annual AiB Sustainability Report including aims, objectives and targets for improvement. This report was previously known as AiB Environmental Performance Report prior to 2011-12. After 2015, figures are reported in the annual report and accounts. 

AiB Sustainability Report 2014-15
AiB Sustainability Report 2013-14
AiB Sustainability Report 2011-12
AiB Environmental Performance Report 2010-11
AiB Environmental Performance Report 2009-10
AiB Environmental Performance Report 2008-09
AiB Environmental Performance Report 2007-08
AiB Environmental Performance Report 2006-07

Practical measures taken to protect the environment

Green Procurement

AiB purchase environmentally preferable goods and services thereby encouraging manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to develop environmentally preferable goods, services and disposal methods at competitive prices.

Green Travel

AiB has a car sharing scheme in operation to minimise the number of single occupany car users. Staff are also encouraged to use alternative methods to travel to and from work. Interest-free advances of salary are available to staff who wish to purchase annual travel season tickets, or bicycles and related equipment .


AiB are committed to reducing energy use by using energy efficiently. A number of energy saving systems have been introduced within the Agency. Heating, lighting water and IT equipment amenities have been designed to be more energy efficient.

Waste Management

AiB aim to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill and have developed a robust waste management system to help do this. AiB eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle waste where possible.

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