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Dear Trustee - Subscribe to AiB website

A letter for those staff involved in administering bankruptcy cases and protected trust deeds

Dear Trustee - Subscribe to AiB website

Dear Trustee

I would be grateful if you could bring the contents of this letter to the attention of all staff who are involved in administering bankruptcy cases and Protected Trust Deeds.

AiB launched its new website on 30 January 2024. The new website will aim to be a hub of information for those involved in administering and managing Scottish statutory debt solutions.

Following the launch of the new website, AiB has made the decision to change the way in which we inform you of changes to legislation, guidance, contact details, hours of business and so on – to give you greater control over what you want to receive from us.

As part of that change, you will no longer directly receive Dear Trustee letters from us, unless you have subscribed on the website to ask for push notifications of updates in the area addressed.

We expect trustees to be aware of the content of Dear Trustee letters, and to follow the guidance and advice set out in them.

Therefore, we would be grateful if, as a matter of urgency, you can ensure your subscription to the AiB mailing list is up to date and correctly specifies the updates and releases you would like to receive.

Yours sincerely,


Fiona Coyle

Head of Debt Solutions


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