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Notes for Guidance - Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 2016 (as amended)

This guidance describes the general functions of Accountant in Bankruptcy, interim trustees, trustees and commissioners in relation to their responsibilities regarding bankruptcies which started on or after 30 November 2016.

Appendix A – Information held on the Register of Insolvencies

Case summary

  • case number
  • bankruptcy type (full administration/MAP)
  • creditor petition type (none/creditor petition/trust deed petition)
  • debtor’s first name
  • debtor’s surname
  • other names (if applicable)
  • alias
  • home address
  • trading
  • business address
  • former address
  • trading name
  • date of birth
  • date of death (for deceased debtors)
  • debtor’s occupation
  • debtor discharge date
  • issue of certificate deferring debtor’s discharge indefinitely (when applicable)
  • reason for debtor discharge
  • award details (name and address held on petition or application)
  • where sequestration awarded (sheriff court or AiB)
  • sequestration awarded by (sheriff or AiB)
  • low income low asset criteria (not applicable)
  • date of any order converting protected trust deed to sequestration (if applicable)
  • whether sequestration awarded under MAP
  • has MAP ceased to apply (Period of map credit restriction has expired)
  • particulars of any application for removal of trustee(s) and any order removing trustee or declaring office vacant
  • trustee discharge date
  • making Bankruptcy Restriction Order date

Court information

  • petition presentation date
  • where sequestration awarded (court location/AiB)
  • where sequestration remitted (if applicable)
  • first order date
  • award of sequestration date
  • recall of sequestration date
  • particulars of sequestration recall


  • name and address of petitioner (if applicable)

Financial information

  • level of debt (as per the Statement Of Affairs at the date of bankruptcy)
  • level of assets (as per the Statement Of Affairs at the date of bankruptcy)

Current trustee

  • date appointed
  • name
  • organisation name
  • address
  • trustee phone number
  • trustee email address
  • trustee discharge date

Previous Trustee

  • date appointed, name, organisation and address

BRO/BRU information

  • date of making interim bankruptcy restriction order
  • date interim bankruptcy restrictions order ceased to have effect
  • date of making of bankruptcy restriction order
  • date of order varying bankruptcy restriction order
  • date of annulment of bankruptcy restriction order
  • date bankruptcy restriction order ceased to have effect

Previous home address

  • details of any previous addresses held on petition or application

Trustee agent

  • details of any agent appointed by the Accountant
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