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Statements on Expenditure 2022-23

Statements on Expenditure under Section 31(1) and (2) of the Public Sector Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 for the financial year 2022-23

Statement of the steps taken by AiB to promote and increase sustainable growth through the exercise of its functions in the period

AiB measures its main targets from its Environmental Policy Statement. In 2022-23 the agency succeeded in all of these targets.

AiB continue to offset our estimated carbon emissions by donating through our silver corporate partnership with Trees for Life. In 2022-23 AiB paid £1,440 planting 240 trees to offset 60 tonnes CO2. The partnership also offers AiB staff and stakeholders an option to offset their personal carbon emissions by contributing to AiB’s tree grove.

We recognise the difference between carbon offsetting and carbon zero and will continue our drive to reduce our year-on-year emissions and lead on helping drive the Scottish Government 2045 carbon zero targets.

The hybrid working return to the office increased carbon and energy use. AiB are working with Scottish Water to understand anomalies in water consumption reporting. In 2023-24 AiB plan to install energy efficient lighting and solar panelling to reduce future carbon consumption – estimated payback between 5 and 7 years.

AiB’s sustainability results 2022-23

Sustainable measures



Difference between 2022-23 and 2021-22

Carbon emissions (tonnes of CO2) 66.41 59.37 Up 7.04
Energy consumption (kWh) 286,079 240,543 Up 45,536
Water consumption (m3) 358 560 Down 202
Waste to landfill (tonnes) 0 0 0
Paper use (boxes) 74 100 Down 26
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