Teams contact information

If you need to get in touch with individual teams, please see the list below of e-mail addresses and direct telephone numbers. You can also message us via our shared systems. 

Team Name

Team Description/Duties


Team e-mail address

Team phone number


General enquiries including assistance on which team is better suited to answer enquiries

 0300 200 2600

Insolvency Registrations Team 

All matters relating to an application for bankruptcy by an individual, up to the point of an award.

0300 200 2850

Bankruptcy Adjudication & Supervision Team

Supervision of live bankruptcy cases where a trustee has been appointed to administer the case.

0300 200 2916

Trustee Accounts Team

Auditing of private trustee’s bankruptcy accounts. Issuing determinations, fixing the outlays and remuneration payable to the trustee from the bankrupt estate.

0300 200 2750

In-house Case Management Team

Responsible for administering the process of personal bankruptcies where the Accountant in Bankruptcy is Trustee.

0300 200 2880

Bankruptcy Restriction Team

Responsible for conducting investigations into debtor misconduct and applying for Bankruptcy Restriction Orders (BRO). Working with legal agents and courts and reporting suspected offences to Crown Office.

0300 200 2740

Trust Deed Team

All aspects of the protected trust deed process from registration through to supervision and discharge of the trustee.

0300 200 2710

Debt Arrangement Scheme Team


Distribution Team

Acting on behalf of the DAS Administrator supervising the administration of DAS debt payment programmes and adjudicating on applications.


Facilitation of the payment process between DAS clients and creditors, where nominated to do so as payments distributor.

0300 200 2770


0300 200 2630

Operational Policy & Compliance team

Independent reviews of decisions taken in both DAS and Bankruptcy cases. Matters that are reviewable are listed within the relevant legislation. Queries relating to closed bankruptcy cases.

Queries relating to Freedom of Information, Subject Access Requests and correspondence relating to closed bankruptcy cases.

0300 200 2910

0300 200 2620

Finance Team

Queries about AiB Invoices, payments due to suppliers and lodging and uplifting of unclaimed dividends

0300 200 2670