Owed money?

How does it work?

A trust deed is a formal debt solution and can be voluntary or protected. This process is manged by a proffesional Insolvency Practitioner. In a voluntary trust deed, the Insolvency practitioner will make an agreement between a debtor and his creditors to repay part, or all of what they owe.   

If creditors agree to the terms of a trust deed, it then becomes protected. A protected trust deed is a special kind of trust deed which is binding on all creditors and means they can take no further action to pursue the debt or to make the debtor bankrupt, as long as the debtor complies with the terms of the protected trust deed.

How can I check whether someone is already in a Trust Deed?

If you are owed money from any individual and are considering taking steps, you should first check the Register of Insolvency before incurring any unnecessary costs. The Register is a free public search facility that will allow you to search for the name of an individual and will show if they are already subject to the process. You can start searching for free using the following link Register of Insolvencies.


Make a claim in a trust deed

In most cases, the Insolvency Praqctitioner will be in touch regarding the trust deed.  However, if you have received no contact, check the Register of Insolvencies to confirm the debtor is in a current trust deed and the trustee information will inform you who you should be contacting for further information.