Wider review of Scotland's debt solutions

In September 2019, the Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills Jamie Hepburn pledged to take forward a wide-ranging review of Scotland’s debt solutions.

There has been a significant amount of consultation and scrutiny of the debt solutions operating in Scotland which will help to lay the foundation for this wider review. This section brings together the information gathered so far and invites views on both the arrangements for conducting the review and the key issues that should be considered as part of that. 

Public Consultation - 2015 Bankruptcy Reforms

Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee - Evidence sessions and Protected Trust Deeds inquiry

Ministerial Working Group on Statutory Debt Solutions

Stakeholder discussions - Structure and remit of the review of Scotland's statutory debt solutions

At the Ministerial Working Group on Statutory Debt Solutions on 26 October 2020, it was agreed that the general review would be conducted in a three stages.  Information about each stage is provided below and will be updated as the work progresses. 

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

We would be interested to hear your views on any aspect of the debt solution landscape in Scotland – please contact us at policy@aib.gov.uk