Wider review - stage 2

Stage 2 of the review was undertaken by three stakeholder-led working groups. Their remit was to look at the operation of existing statutory debt solutions and provide recommendations and options for improvement. More information on the remit is available in the stage 2 working group's Terms of Reference.

Minutes from the stakeholder meetings are available on request from the Policy Development team


Each group produced a report of recommendations for the then Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth to consider. The reports are included below and should be read in conjunction with the supporting documents:

Supporting documents

Working group reports and summary


Scottish Government response

Having considered the recommendations put forward by the three working groups, and those of a diligence working group, the Scottish Government developed specific proposals and issued a public consultation to seek further views. The relevant documents are included below:

The proposals being taken forward will be introduced through a mix of primary legislation, secondary legislation and operational guidance.

Further information can be found on the legislative programme page.