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Are you in debt?

Struggling to pay what you owe?

The Scottish Government website gives information on getting help with debt and money and where to get free debt advice.

The Debt Advice and Information Package explains the different ways a creditor can take action and provides information on where to seek free money advice. 

Debt Solutions

You should always get advice before entering a debt solution.

In Scotland, solutions include an informal agreement, Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS), protected trust deed or bankruptcy.

Informal debt solution

Informal debt solutions often involve reaching an agreement with people you owe money to through an agreement of consolidation.

They are not legally binding options to repay debt.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

DAS is a Scottish Government backed scheme that allows you to repay your debts over an extended period without the threat of creditor legal action.

Protected trust deeds

A protected trust deed is an agreement with people you own money to repay what is owed over an extended period.


Bankruptcy is a formal method of dealing with debt if all other repayment options have failed.

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