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Debt Arrangement Scheme

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This page lists resources that assist with the administration process within the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS). 

Further information on DAS, including eligibility and how to apply, can be found on

Application process

All DAS applications are submitted by a DAS approved money adviser through the eDEN system.

Please contact the DAS team if you require further details on this process and how it works.

Guidance and information

AiB is currently reviewing their documents for compliance against accessibility standards. If you require assistance in the meantime, please contact the DAS team.

Business DAS

Guidance, forms and publications for Business DAS are all available on request through the DAS team.


eDEN is the web based application that manages the administration all DAS cases.

All parties involved in a specific case are able to access information through eDEN. This includes confirming debts and responding to proposals.

Further information on how this works and how to get access can be found in the eDEN section.

DAS working groups

DAS Review Board

This group acts as a discussion forum for stakeholders to ensure the continued delivery of DAS. The group also provides a platform for stakeholders to engage with each.

Information from the group contributes towards the evaluation of operational practices.

DAS Payments Distributor Panel

This panel meets to discuss matters relating to the payment distributor function within DAS. Discussions help identify issues as well as general areas of concern at an early stage.

Minutes from previous meetings are available on request.

Reviews and appeals

If any party involved on a debt payment programme does not agree with a decision made by the DAS Administrator, a request can be made through eDEN.

A request for review must be made within 14 days from the date of the decision.

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