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PTD Protocol

PTD Protocol

The intention of the PTD protocol is to promote good practice, improve transparency and provide further clarity in support of the PTD Notes for Guidance. In turn, better enabling trustees to manage debtor and creditor expectations in a PTD.

There is no legislative or regulatory requirement for trustees to follow this protocol and its provisions are based on consent. However, AiB hopes that trustees will find the changes helpful and actively agree to implement them.

Changes introduced by the protocol:

  • Wherever practicable, an interim dividend should be paid to creditors after month 12 from the date the trust deed is granted and quarterly thereafter.
  • Should a trustee decide to withhold the debtor’s discharge from their liabilities included in the PTD, they must first submit a completed ‘Application to Refuse Debtor Discharge’ form to AiB for consideration and to seek agreement.
  • Trustees must only accept referrals from FCA approved lead generator firms.

Insolvency practitioners who have agreed to follow the PTD protocol:

  • Samantha Warburton, Carrington Dean
  • Ian Wright, Quantuma
  • Kevin Mapstone, AMI Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Thomas Fox, Harper McDermott Ltd
  • Blair Nimmo, Interpath Advisory
  • Lynne Flower, Interpath Advisory
  • Nicholas Payne, Payplan Scotland
  • Jamie Carmichael, J3 Debt Solutions Limited


PTD Protocol - agreement information
PTD Protocol -agreement form
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