Deal with Debt

Many people owe money and sometimes may find it difficult to deal with their debts.

What is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including your personal circumstances and whether you have any property or assets.

As a first step you should always seek the advice of a money adviser.

Accountant in Bankruptcy cannot give advice on what you should do, but can provide information on where suitable advice is available.

The Scottish Government has published a booklet called Debt and the Consequences to help explain what can happen if you have problem debt and outlines some of the options available.

Stepchange Debt Charity have created Scotland's Debt Guide, a handbook to help guide you getting free and impartial help with debt.  

Money Advice Trust have developed a how to deal with debt guide that helps people take the steps they need to deal with their debts. 

The links below provide general information on available services.