New: DAS guidance for advisers and creditors for DPP applications made under the Low and Grow process from 11/01/2021

The Covid pandemic has seen a significant impact on many people.  Employers and employees had to adapt to new ways of working.  Existing DAS clients found themselves in a state of flux and confusion with volatile changes to their circumstances. 

In response to the pandemic, the AiB as DAS Administrator introduced significant measures to assist our existing DAS clients during such a challenging time.  The money advice community also made us aware of many clients who they believed would benefit from being in a DAS DPP but could only afford to pay reduced instalments toward their DPP in the short-term and would be able to increase their contribution within a specified period of time once their circumstances improved. 

This Low and Grow approach would only apply to clients who are in financial difficulty but where the money adviser believes this to be temporary and a DPP is still the best long-term financial solution for the client.

Further guidance can be found below:

Low and Grow Process - Guidance for Advisers - December 2020

eDEN User Guide for Money Advisers - Low and Grow DPP


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