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Standards of Service

These standards are intended for those dealing directly with the office of the Accountant in Bankruptcy


The nature of AiB’s work means we regularly interact with a wide variety of external contacts. We are therefore committed to providing these contacts – our customers and industry stakeholders – with as high a standard of service as possible.

We have completed a programme of feedback surveys to hear what all our stakeholder groups had to say about our customer service and what we could do better. Our industry partners are also encouraged to offer their opinions on our performance at our series of regular national meetings and regional events.

One of AiB’s core commitments is to deliver a modern service that meets the needs of all our customers, recognising diversity in the community and treating everyone we come into contact within the course of our daily business with dignity and respect.

The Standards of Service in this document set out how we seek to achieve this and outline the principles of consistency we will adhere to when dealing with our customers.

If you feel we are doing well or are falling short of the standards set out in this document, please let us know. Contact details and a customer feedback form are available at the end of this publication.

Richard Dennis

The Accountant in Bankruptcy and Agency Chief Executive 

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