DAS 2018: Regulatory Review Working Group

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS): The Way Forward was published by AiB on 27 March 2018, detailing the proposed policy changes to legislation, setting the scene for the current regulatory changes and future changes to improve DAS further.  AiB believes further consultation and discussion is necessary before considering any further DAS regulatory changes and set up a working group to inform opinion on key areas identified in The Way Forward.
The group was chaired by the Depute Accountant and Executive Director of Case Operations, John Cook, and featured key stakeholders engaged at a strategic level in the DAS process. The group met during July and August 2018 and considered options for increasing uptake of DAS and to reduce the bureaucracy associated with the DAS process.  Outcomes from the group discussions have been used to inform AiB of a recommended direction of travel which AiB will use to build a further consultation paper to invite feedback from all stakeholder groups.
The working group was engaged for a short term project and AiB hopes to publish the resulting consultation document in autumn 2018. 
Meeting 1 – 5 July 2018
Meeting 2 – 31 July 2018
Meeting 3 – 20 August 2018
Meeting 4 – 18 February 2019