How does DAS affect me?

You may not be aware if one of your employees has a repament programme unless they have asked for their payments to be made directly from their wages.  If one of your employee’s has requested payment be deducted directly from their wages, a DAS approved money adviser or the DAS Administrator will contact you via a form 3.  The payment instruction will contain details of the payment distributor and the amount to be deducted.


What is my role in DAS?  

If you receive a Form 3 from a DAS approved money adviser or the DAS Administrator you must deduct the sum specified in the form on every pay day, and pay the sum deducted to the payments distributor as soon as it is reasonably practical to do so.  This form will give you all the information you require to make the deduction from your employee’s wage.   

Further information on guidance for employers involved in DAS is available here. Additional information on the entire DAS process is also avaliable in the guidance section.

Once the DPP has been approved any existing arrestment on your employee’s wages will no longer have effect.  The DAS Administrator will send you a notice recalling any arrestment and informing you that you must stop taking any deductions with immediate effect.