AiB's review function

The following decisions made by AiB which were previously only challegeable through an appeal to court will now be open to an internal review by AiB prior to submission of an appeal at the sheriff court:

  • AiB’s determination on the granting of a certificate of discharge to an interim trustee (interim trustee, debtor, petitioner, trustee and creditors)
  • AiB’s discharge as interim trustee (debtor, petitioner & creditors)
  • A direction issued by AiB to the debtor while acting as interim trustee (debtor only review)
  • Decision not to award sequestration following a debtor application (debtor or concurring creditor)
  • AiB’s decision to grant/refuse interim recall or recall or the determination of the expenses due to the petitioning creditor/concurring creditor (debtor, creditor, trustee or interested party)
  • AiB’s discharge as original trustee on the appointment of a new trustee (replacement trustee, debtor and creditors)
  • AiB’s decision on discharge of original trustee (original trustee, replacement trustee, debtor and creditors)
  • Adjudication decisions on creditor claims (creditor and debtor with financial interest)
  • AiB’s decision to grant or refuse discharge certificate to trustee (trustee, debtor and creditors who have made initial representations)
  • Discharge of AiB as trustee (debtor and creditors)
  • Decision made by trustee to vary or introduce a payments break in a debtor contribution order or to allow/disallow a payment break (debtor or any other interested party)
  • AiB’s to make or not make an order following a Section 212 request (any interested party)
  • AiB’s decision to grant/refuse discharge of the debtor (trustee, debtor and creditors)
  • AiB’s decision to accept or reject objections to election of replacement trustee (original/replacement trustee, objector or any other interested person)
  • AiB’s appointment of replacement trustee in more than one sequestration (former trustee, debtor and creditors)
  • AiB’s order to remove trustee not acting or any other related order (commissioner, trustee or creditors)
  • AiB’s decision to declare the trustee post vacant (commissioner, trustee or creditors)
  • AiB’s decision to extend the timescale for the trustee to adopt or refuse a contract entered into by the debtor (trustee only)
  • AiB’s decision to award a BRO
  • AiB’s decision not to annul a BRO on recall of sequestration
  • The valuation of a debt depending on a contingency (interested person).

In all of the above cases, any review request made must be submitted to AiB within 14 days of the date of AiB's decision. AiB must take into account any representations made by interested persons within 21 days of the review request and must make a determination to confirm, revoke or amend the decision by 28 days.