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Notes for Guidance - Common Financial Tool

Notes for Guidance explaining the information and evidence requirements to support debt solution applications

10. Other expenditure

10.1 Other expenditure includes a range of expenditure that would not be categorised alongside general housekeeping. As is the case with housekeeping, absolute verification of such expenditure may be difficult to obtain through documentation or examination of bank account activity.

10.2 Evidence will be available to support certain items within the other category. This includes the amount paid towards cable, satellite, and internet access. These items should be supported by original documentation from the companies providing the service/insurance.

10.3 Where pet costs are included, an explanation, and evidence where possible, should be produced to support the information provided. If pet insurance is being paid for, this must be evidenced.

10.4 A more flexible approach should be adopted in assessing the expenditure associated to the other items within this category. Similar to other categories of expenditure with associated trigger figures, any expenditure where the trigger figure is breached will require suitable evidence and/or explanation of the expenditure.

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