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Notes for Guidance - Common Financial Tool

Notes for Guidance explaining the information and evidence requirements to support debt solution applications

8. Travel

8.1 Verification of travel costs is more challenging than the categories included in essential expenditure as individual costs are likely to be paid in cash with little or no evidence retained.

8.2 Consequently, a more flexible approach should be taken in assessing travel expenses. It is reasonable to assess a debtor’s travel costs based on their particular circumstances (location, health, mode of transport utilised, proximity to work/amenities etc). and agree what is reasonable in the circumstances.

8.3 It may be possible to verify expenditure in specific circumstances – e.g. where season ticket purchase is the most cost effective way for someone to travel to work or where a motor vehicle is used and purchase of petrol can be verified through bank statements.

8.4 Supporting evidence and/or explanation must be provided for a breach in the trigger figures for travel costs. This must be provided by the money adviser/ trustee, to support both the reason for the required travel and the amount of expenditure declared. If evidence of expenditure cannot be provided, the reason for this must also be given.

8.5 The adviser/trustee should also ensure that they discuss with the debtor any ongoing maintenance and servicing costs for any vehicle and ensure such costs are included in the CFT expenditure figures.

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