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Scottish Diligence Statistics 2022-23

Latest annual official statistics on diligences and Charge for Payment based on information submitted by officers of court

Diligences executed under Non-Summary Warrant by diligence processes

There were 17,930 diligences served under the Non-Summary Warrant procedure. This is 6.8% of total diligences executed in 2022-23.

Chart 4 shows selected diligence processes served under the Non-Summary Warrant procedure. Most diligence processes were non-earnings arrestments (71.8%) or earnings arrestments (25.0%). The remaining diligences in 2022-23 were attachments (2.0%) and other processes (1.3%).

Introduction of Deduction from Earnings Orders mean Current Maintenance Arrestments are rarely used. The Child Support Agency can take child maintenance payments direct from income.

Non-earnings arrestments decreased in 2022-23. This 2022-23 level is still below levels before the COVID-19 pandemic. Non-summary warrant procedure has been subject to changes in recent years. This is due to legislative changes and customer requirements of officers of court.

Chart 4 shows the number of diligences executed by diligence process for Non-Summary Warrant procedure only between 2011-12 and 2022-23. This chart shows the following selected processes: Non-Earning Arrestments, Current Maintenance Arrestments, Earning Arrestments and Attachments. From this chart we see that non-earnings arrestments remain the most used diligence process in 2022-23 despite a sharp fall in 2020-21.

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