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Debtor Guide - Bankruptcy

This guide provides general advice on bankruptcy for people who have been made bankrupt

Financial education

Your trustee may decide that you complete a course for financial education. This would only be the case if, in the opinion of your trustee, it would be appropriate for you and any of the following reasons applied:

  • you have been awarded more than one bankruptcy within the five year period
  • you were granted a protected trust deed within the five year period prior to being awarded bankruptcy
  • you participated in the Debt Arrangement Scheme within five years prior to being awarded bankruptcy
  • you are subject to, or under investigation with a view to, an application being made for a bankruptcy restriction order
  • the trustee considers the pattern of your behaviour, whether before or after the award of bankruptcy, is such that you would benefit from a financial education course
  • you agree to complete a financial education course
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