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AiB Business Plan 2024-25

The plan sets out an overview of actions and objectives for the year.

2. Cloud project

We will continue transferring our case management systems to the Scottish Government cloud platform. This work commenced in 2023 and we intend to complete the transition by October 2024.

This transfer will:

  • improve accessibility to AiB systems
  • reduce dependency on both hardware and software
  • provide higher performance levels and availability
  • enable quicker application deployment
  • improve business continuity
  • reduce costs

The remaining AiB services that support the case management systems will be moved to the cloud in 2024-25 so all systems are located on cloud platform.

How will we know we’ve been successful?

  • there will no longer be reliant on physical servers held and will no longer have to pay related costs
  • there will be an organisation database that will be controlled by AiB and service all case management systems
  • there will be a new reporting suite to support AiB and stakeholders
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