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AiB Business Plan 2024-25

The plan sets out an overview of actions and objectives for the year.

3. Digital mailroom

We will continue our move to digital by default by increasing the number of processes carried out electronically. This will drive a reduction in the number of pieces of physical mail passing through the office.

We will explore the functions and roles of the existing service and confirm a plan for future direction of the function.

The work will include but not be limited to:

  • an initial exercise to model the current process for receiving corporate and creditor petition mail
  • meetings with suppliers to explore technology options to remove paper
  • an exercise to rationalise mailboxes and create processes on the IT systems to process mail directly from electronic mailboxes
  • review of all letter templates to ensure accuracy and compatibility with new processes

How will we know we’ve been successful?

  • there will be a clear shift towards electronic process based customer interactions
  • there will be a measurable increase in automated process through our case management and finance systems
  • there will be a reduction in paper consumption through mailroom processes
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