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AiB Business Plan 2024-25

The plan sets out an overview of actions and objectives for the year.


Our budget reflects our estimated spending to continue our business-as-usual activity, continuously improve our processes and deliver the six significant programmes of work outlined in this business case.

The majority of AiB’s expenditure is funded by income with the rest covered by a budget allocation from Scottish Government.

The table below shows our projected income and expenditure for 2024-25.


£8.5 million 


(£8.8 million) 

Net revenue costs 

(£0.3 million) 


£1.3 million 

Capital expenditure 

£1.1 million 

Net revenue costs of £0.3 million will be covered from our Scottish Government resource budget allocation.

Non-cash and capital expenditure will be covered in full by Scottish Government.

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